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Gas and smoke protection kits and self-rescuers (GDZK and SPI)
What to do if the soup goes sour? Rehabilitation methods
Why does soup turn sour in the refrigerator the next day? Why does soup turn sour if the hostess
Potatoes turn black inside - why do potatoes turn dark during storage?
Potatoes are a traditional vegetable for Russians. It is grown in almost every garden,
Chicken marinade - 10 delicious recipes for the oven
Aesthetes and supporters of haute cuisine may judge me, but I believe that the most delicious
What determines the shelf life of meat and how long is it depending on its type?
What is the shelf life? Reference. Distinctive concepts of expiration dates are prescribed in GOST R-51074-2003. Under
Dry rot on potatoes: ways to combat it, how to treat tubers before planting
Plant protection products Alternative name: fusarium wilt, fusarium blight of potato tubers. The causative agent of potato dry rot:
Lavash roll with mushrooms
Recipes for appetizers with pickled mushrooms
Appetizers with pickled mushrooms are considered famous nowadays, because their taste is delicate,
Types of meat freezing
How to properly freeze and defrost meat to preserve juice and benefits
Compared to canning and marinating, freezing meat to extend its shelf life
A bag of “vitamins” or how to properly dry pumpkin seeds?
We have already told you why there should be pumpkin in our diet - a unique vegetable, a source
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How to dilute formula for newborns: proportions, rules for preparing and storing ready-made food
Artificial and mixed feeding Author: Olga Rybakova For a newborn baby, there is nothing healthier than
Marinated olives
Canned olives - benefits and harm to the body
November 2, 2015 Print #lemon #olives #olive oil #gift #rosemary Categories: Pantry, Italian cuisine,
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