How to freeze cranberries for the winter, preserving their taste and beneficial properties

Which cranberries are suitable for freezing?

You can
cranberries of any size
in good condition.
are not suitable
for freezing.

When can you pick cranberries?
The first cranberry harvest
can begin
in September
September cranberries are dense and large. It is great for freezing or storing soaked

3. After this, the berries should be poured onto a clean, dry kitchen towel in one layer and allowed to dry completely.

, because frozen water will destroy the integrity of the berries, and the berries themselves will turn into a solid lump of ice.

Before freezing, cranberries cannot be subjected to heat treatment
), otherwise they
will lose
all of their vitamins.
Freezing container (container)

Cranberries can be frozen in containers that can withstand low temperatures: special
freezer bags
or plastic
food containers

We also advise you to sign a freeze

or put a sticker on it indicating the contents and the date of freezing. Also, when freezing cranberries with sugar, you should mark this on the bag.

Storing cranberries in the freezer
at temperatures from
-5 to -20 °C
The cranberry preparation should be stored away from “smelling
” foods, such as fish, onions, etc. Cranberries can take on their flavors.

Shelf life of frozen cranberries

The shelf life of frozen cranberries is usually
12 months
And when stored in the freezer at a temperature of -18 °C

2 years

Use (application) of frozen cranberries

From frozen cranberries you can make
(fruit drinks, compotes and jelly, smoothies),
sauces and dressings
(for meat, fish or desserts),
salads, desserts
. Cranberries can be added to porridge, sauerkraut or pies, cottage cheese casseroles and other baked goods.

Not just

It is worth
storing defrosted cranberries
, after defrosting they should be used immediately.
Also, you cannot re-freeze berries
, as they will lose their taste and appearance.

Defrosting cranberries

In most cases, cranberries
do not need to be thawed first
. Berries do not require defrosting for cooking dishes with heat treatment (preparing fruit juice, compote, etc.).

in the following ways :
on a shelf in the refrigerator
Transfer the frozen cranberries from the freezer to the refrigerator shelf for 5-7 hours. At the same time, without opening the container in which the berries were frozen. - in cold water
. Frozen cranberries in an airtight container (to prevent water from getting inside) should be immersed in cold water for 30-50 minutes.

How to freeze cranberries at home for the winter

Cranberries can be
frozen whole or grated
You can also make a “sweet” preparation - cranberries with sugar, orange, cinnamon, etc.
Modern equipment allows not only to quickly freeze a wide variety of products, but also to store them for a long time without loss of taste and beneficial qualities. When the body is in dire need of vitamins (in winter and spring), such preparations come in handy. Frozen cranberries retain almost all of their beneficial properties and vitamins, which are lost during the boiling process. Therefore, those who want to have this storehouse of vitamins at hand will find our story interesting and useful.

Are nutrients preserved when frozen?

If you have managed to collect a large amount of this valuable product, you should not rush to process it according to the standard scheme (cook compote, jam, fruit juice, etc.). There is a unique method for keeping cranberries fresh while preserving their properties - proper freezing. The best berries for freezing are those that are picked 2-3 hours before harvesting. They preserve their taste and beneficial qualities as much as possible. Cranberry (or northern lemon) contains a lot of useful substances:

  • acids: quinic, ursolic, ascorbic, citric, benzoic, malic;
  • pectins and glycosides;
  • glucose;
  • vitamins PP, K, group B.

How to prepare cranberries and honey for the winter?

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